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answering my own questions

I wish I could spend a day or a week in the life of different types of attorneys. Law school is such a huge commitment, but I am totally up for it if I find more things that interest me about it. As with any career, there are so many options within each that overwhelms me. I just want to take my credit and my criminal record and burn them! I guess if those things weren't issues, I would find some other way to sabotage my future. It's not that I purposefully try to fuck myself over. I taking risks. I get off seeing how far I can take things. It's pretty much always been that way in some form or fashion.

I'm sitting on a pillow naked looking at my red body. I laid in the tanning bed for 10 minutes today. I didn't burn, but I look like a tomato. I was just posting a comment on Diana's journal about fighting our fears and really getting out into adulthood. I would like to, but I have to keep in mind that I still have 2 months of school left. I still have a low C in Corporate Tax that I have to fix somehow. It blows that I'm a lazy and did not petition for Beta Alpha Psi. If I decide to get the MAcc, then I can join at that time. I may be law bound!
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