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party, east atlanta style

I am over those posh, cocaine addict, east atl. 18 yr olds. All they want to do is form a clique asap and then bitch at other people. The girls I met seriously were the lamest people ever. On a positive note Tiffany and Rachel were good conversation along with some old people from various different learning institutions. All in all the evening was just fine. It only made me realize I miss living down there more:(

Here's my new schedule, even though I don't think anyone has these classes or even goes to KSU...

Biol 2108 -principles
Hist 1110- world civ.
Econ 2300- stat.
Mrtg 3100- principles of marketing
mgt 3100- mgt and behavioral sciences

I have been drinking or sleeping all weekend. I hope i'm able to bounce back into school mode for another week or so. I really hope I do well this semester.
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