forty-two (soboreddeliguy) wrote,

things change

I have less than 1 week to get my shit packed, organized, and say good by to everyone I love. It was ironic when one of the guys I met this weekend mentioned something about "Absense making the heart grow fonder". I will make it.  I think that Lee is very inspirational (in a gay way.) He said that sustaining human life takes about 25% of of your time thinking, being proactive, and being on the offense. He further went to say that being sucessful takes about 55-60% of one's time thinking. I believe that removing myself of the distractions that have always filled my life in Atlanta, I can achieve that. I want to achieve that.

I hate to meet every readers expectations again, but i'm going to begin scattered random thoughts and conclude for the evening.

I graduated college last Thursday. I have spent the days between then and now in Coral Gables, FL, getting to know my new boss and his friends. I REALLY enjoyed spending so much time on the water and exploring South Beach. I haven't gotten to do that before when I would attend Winter Party.

It's getting late and I have an early flight, so, I must go now.
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