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fuck fuck fuck

Ok, i'm going to try something new.

I'll list everyone of my current, major problems and i'll write a solution to calm myself down.

My financial aid is taking longer than expected and I have no money for books. ---> I will ask my parents for money for only the books I will need for the next month and purchase more with my next paycheck. Ill also try renting the books since i'll have cash money on me from the parents.

I hate Canton, I miss my family, and it tempts me to spend and drink. --->In January I will devise a school schedule where I only attend school 2 days a week and relocate with my parents for the remainder of my degree program.

My job is in Woodstock---> I will remain at my job (while preforming it well) and find a new job near my parents when the said move is to occur in January.

Ok, seems pretty easy, right? We'll see, I just wish my textbooks weren't so expensive right now. If they were a fraction of the cost, that would be a god sent. I will survive, as Mary Louise Parker once said, "This storm I can weather."
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