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New Years!

Let me tell you, I have spent the last couple of days in the north GA mountains practically by myself. It was OK! Saturday night ended up like it always does, drinking too much and going home with someone who's name is unknown to me. I was grossed out by my behavior so I fled for the mountains where my parents asked me to house sit. I cleaned a little, chillaxed, and watched movies. I recommend this isolation therapy for anyone with the taunting fear of a stressful spring semester in the back of their mind.

Diana is spending an increasing amount of time with Matt, Melina is consumed with relationship issues and I feel like I am geographically isolated from my other friends in the A. I'm doing alright though. I'm keeping myself busy with work and sleeping. School registration is frustrating since my ranking for registration times is f-ed up. Right now, I have an 8AM class and an 8PM class on the same day? Is you crazy?

I browse facebook way too much checking people out. I look at the lives of these people and don't understand how traditional college students, especially those who are involved with tough, demanding degrees make time to work, volunteer, and be physically fit. Maybe I should consider a time management, maybe not.

Word of the year for 2008: CONTROL
I think it's self explanatory

It's snowing!
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