forty-two (soboreddeliguy) wrote,

At Diana's house

I'm procrasting at Dianas. I need to get my ass home and check out some porn, oh and find a video on YouTube of some symphonic thing composed by Haydn? I hate doing stupid shit in college. Who wants this week to be over? Oh, yeah, me! I worked at the Roswell Rd. Walgreens' tonight. We actually had business, I was occupied all night! Melina takes a lot of pictures of herself. Diana is talking to Matt, her, bf. I wish I had a bf all times besides the when i'm drinking :) I'm having a party at my house next week. Everyone can come. All I want to do is drink. There is nothing wrong with this. I yearn for the state of mind where I know school is finished, I don't have to work and can relax with friends. FUCK this. I'm sure this entry makes no sense. It doesn't matter, I guess my writing portrays my life.
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